Linking Sports and Communities

Our Mission

Established in 2004--Phoenix Arizona, Linking Sports and Communities is a 501(©)(3) non-profit that seeks to enhance the relationships between our communities by encouraging youth to lead actively, healthy lifestyles, learn skills ranging from accountability, financial responsibility and teamwork as well as to continue the advancement of their education. Going strong into our 14th year, in 2017 we aim to enhance these relationships even further through the continuation of previous programs and the implementation of new, dynamic programs and events.



Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."


- Albert Einstein


With all of the events we put on, your organization will be able to gain exposure and raise awareness for your business or products. Our events are also unique opportunities to build relationships within the sports industry through athletes, celebrities, teams and through the creation of digital content and media on our website and elsewhere. These new media platforms also represent the newest, most impactful way to connect with the next generation and is easily shared online giving you more exposure past the event dates. We also have specific programs that can be utilized to deliver a coordinated message or to reinforce your organizational beliefs through a partnership while also creating brand consideration and loyalty for your support of LSC.

Some of the yearly events that we put on are the Community Leadership Awards, Military Family Appreciation Night, Youth Rallies, Youth Sports Days, Linking Scholars: College Preparatory, and Health Fairs in addition to multiple events each year at Phoenix International Raceway such as our program, Athletes Get Down to Business, Future Fans Day and our end of year event at the Scottsdale Polo Championships. As we expand, we have more Leadership Collaborations scheduled to take the San Francisco Bay Area by storm to increase our exposure and efforts.